Saturday, 19 March 2016

Some of the smaller stuff around us

Greetings from the Zambezi Valley,

So as the title implies it is time for a quick photo essay of some of the smaller things around us. We are some 16 days into our stay here and believe me, this is a tiny sample of the small life. Regrettably, as the camp books are all still packed away deep in the store, I have not been able to identify many of these critters, so any comment as to the unknowns will be most welcome...

 A beautiful marbled moth

 A Cape Wolf Snake, who sadly lost his head in a building accident, not, I am assured, killed intentionally.

 A green beetle, possibly a Picasso beetle, anyone able to confirm?

A sudden rush on scorpions one morning, both Karen and I having the delightful experience of each having one fall on us from different door frames!

 One of the Long-horn beetle family me thinks.

 A wasp, so long ago seen, I forget which one..

Another wasp, if I ever see another Potter wasp again, it will be too soon! 

One of said wasps family members 
securing a caterpillar in the pot for the
larva to eat alive before emerging.

A millipede, species specific, I do not know, sorry no size comparison, my bad.

Some really beautiful fungi, many more of these to be seen in the near future.

A Brown House Snake, found in the bathroom.

And that is it for now, we will do another one of these as the photo library fills up.
Till next time...

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