Sunday, 13 March 2016

One week, and bit, in...

And so we find ourselves having already been here for ten days, how time has flown! It has been a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences.
The temperatures here have been something else during the week. Although it is only showing as low 30's C, it has felt a lot hotter, probably due to the very high humidity that we are just not used to! I really miss the aircon!
Getting into the groove of camp life has been straight forward enough. The staff, we have on and off about 15 guys here at any given time, are really great. They are incredibly hard working and capable.
This has helped tremendously as so much of what happens here and how it happens is completely foreign to us. We are certainly not used to relying on someone else to do our shopping for food and maintenance materials, hoping that they get the correct item, or that it even makes it here in one piece! Those douh! moments when you realize that you did not add something so completely obvious to the order because you always just grab it when you walk past it in the shops moment; now you wait another week for it.
Our orders are still arriving by boat as we are still getting rain in the park and the truck may not make it through on the muddy roads, so weight is a major concern! We now shop by weight. How much cement do we need to keep the building moving compared to what the other camp needs, compared to how much food do we need. A steep learning curve! So far, we are still building and still eating, so apparently we are fast learners.
The building is progressing well, as is my how to build a rustic safari camp tent knowledge. Forget all you know about conventional building techniques, welcome to Africa where we make a plan. No worries if you did not receive the correct water fitting, we have something close that will work for years to come, I love it!

One of the fun things we have found, when not biting you, are the
small creepy crawlers.
The Red velvet mites (photo below) have come out after some rain as some of the other insects.

Well, ok, this is the bottom of one trying to get down a hole! 

A real close up.            

The larger guys, especially the elephants have been hanging around camp and are getting used to us.
If you haven't already seen it, this is one of them...

There are of course the stunning sunsets over the river, but you will get more of those as we go.

So apart from lots of itchy bug bites, a couple of leaky roofs, some great elephant sightings, sunsets and lots of learning, we are loving life!
There is so much to see, experience and learn. It is going to be a great two years!

Till next time....

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