Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Our new home and some camp life

So Will this is just for you, and anyone else that may be interested.

Our new home Is a tent on the banks of the Zambezi River. We live in a 4×4m room with an adjoining shower, loo and cupboard room.

We have a small shade-clothed balcony of about 3x4m which just happens to have a bath.

We receive all of our water pumped directly from the river , then stored in tanks and piped through to the rooms, etc. Water is heated in a gas geyser, soon changing to solar. Drinking water comes from the R/0  system.

Electricity is generated every day by running a diesel genni in order to charge the batteries that run the invertors, no hairdryer for me, or anyone for that matter!

We have a shorter commute to work in the morning these days, having to only walk about 20m now. The downside to the short commute, if there could be one, is that we usually have either a hippo or an elephant outside the tent at any given time.
Thank goodness we invested in really good torches!!

The good news for Karen is that we are privileged enough to haves really good chefs onsite. The downside, again if there could be one, is that weight watchers will probably be seeing us when we get days off!
The other privilege we have is that one of the guys cleans our house and does our laundry every day.

I really feel l need to throw in a not so nice thing at this point. Did l mention that we are both covered in more unidentified insect bites than we can count? We are either going to get some sort of poisoning from all the sprays and creams we cover ourselves in every day or run out of antihistamine tablets and creams!

Camp life is much like many other safari camps. We are obviously based alongside the river and are an unfenced lodge. This means we have animals constantly within the camp footprint, no letting your guard down here.
We work from a small office off the side of the kitchen which can get really hot! But you know what they say about that!

We have not opened to guests yet, that only happens in late April. For now we are prepping camp.
Every year the entire contents of the camp from chairs, beds, furniture, fixtures to fridges and freezers is packed away in a secure store above the flood line. This means that at the start of the next year we come in, repair any damage that may have occurred during the rainy season and unpack everything. Then in early April we start rebuilding the roads.

This is why you are not yet inundated with wildlife photo's. We have no roads to go out on yet, we are still camp bound. This also means that we have nothing that even remotely looks, sounds or feels like a social life. It does however mean that we are quickly learning 2 player card games and getting rather good at Backgammon.

Well that pretty much sums up where we are for now.

I am busy compiling by an exciting insert on some of the snakes, bugs,  insects and others that we have encountered so far, so stay tuned.

Until next time....

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